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Sea Salt Caramels

Posted on Sep 26, 2013 by in Caramels, Dark Chocolate, Pairings, What's New | 0 comments


Recent years have seen a bit of a sea salt caramel renaissance. Today’s candy in vogue is nothing new for Lula’s Chocolates, though. In fact, our Sea Salt Caramels have been a Lula’s fan favorite for years, and a simple taste test will tell you exactly what a sea salt caramel should be.

Our delectable confections start with hand-poured, small batch caramel, copper pot brewed in our Monterey, California chocolate factory. After cooling and hand-cutting, the sweet, buttery, chewy caramels make their way through a¬†waterfall of our very own rich, natural Lula’s chocolate and are¬†garnished with one of nine different sea salts from all over the world.

Coming to you from the Himalayas to France to Hawaii to the Mediterranean and boasting refined flavors like merlot, hot chili, and lime, each bite is it’s own proof that the best sea salt caramels around are found right here in the Monterey Bay.

(And online at, of course!)