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Boxed assortment of dark and milk chocolate covered nut clusters. 
These clusters of almonds, cashews, pecans and macadamia nuts get all dressed up for you—in milk or dark chocolate.  You can take them here, there, and everywhere.  Share them around so all your favorite nutty folk can crunch together. 
Best Gift Pairing 
Family, friends…people you meet on the street or in the grocery store or in line at the movies.  These are for the television shows you love to yell at, the music you love to crank up, and the friends you get into mischief with.   
Any David Sedaris Book 
Austin, TX 
Any Tim Burton movie 
Watching the grunion run 

Purchase Nut Clusters

  • Mix: Dark and Milk; All Dark; All Milk
  • Size: 12-Piece Nut Cluster Box; 20-Piece Nut Cluster Box; 30-Piece Nut Cluster Box
  • Category: Nut Clusters

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