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I tasted the chocolate this past Saturday evening for the first time. I was given the small box (4-piece). I opened the box and knew instantly that I was in for a treat. I shared all four pieces but I didn't want to share. I kept the box with me (for two solid days- in my bag) so I could go online and get more. ;-) I placed an order yesterday. I ordered them for my own birthday present.

I have not tasted any chocolates this glorious in ages. Your chocolates were wonderful. I can't wait to get my order and share it with more people. This time I ordered more than 4 pieces.

Santa Cruz, CA

Thanks for the wonderful gift of chocolates and yes they did arrive before Christmas. However, they did cause a bit of controversy during this blessed time of giving. As you can imagine my home was filled with goodies including fine chocolates from cheerful friends. Your Chocolates quickly became the big hit in our house and after giving my wife and kids a taste, I hid them in my bedroom, for research of course and offered them the many alternative chocolates that were in the house. My wife had the nerve to offer them to a friend instead. Being a good husband, I quickly got up and presented the guest with a box of See’s chocolates. My wife graciously said no Honey, not those chocolates let them taste the chocolates from your friend in California. I remembered that it was the season of giving and giving thanks for the birth of Christ, but honestly it wasn't a gracious gift because I really did not want to share.

So the moral of this story is that you can help me remain a cheerful giver by QUICKLY getting your store up and running so I can sign up on your mailing list to order plenty of Lula's chocolates to give to my family and friends.

p.s. I have 7 pieces left resting in my bookcase.

Cary E. Neff, Chef Neff

My mother makes the absolute best almond toffee, English toffee, ever - believe me I've tasted lots. This toffee is as good as my mother's, which I believe is the best in the world. I used to slave over making this toffee with Mom for Christmas gifts. Now I can buy it. Thank you!!!

Modesto, CA

Oh my God! A friend just dropped off a 4-piece box and my manager and I polished them off in 10 seconds flat! Delicious. Gorgeous presentation; love the logo and all the design elements of the packaging and website…

Congratulations on the new venture. I wish you the very best success!

Diane M.
Pacific Grove, CA

I was given a piece of almond toffee for Christmas this year. I put off eating it because I knew it couldn't be nearly as good as my Mother's. It was every bit as good as hers...don't tell her, it was better! The best toffee I have ever had, anywhere, any time, bar none!

Pacific Grove, C

Hey--Thanks for the chocolate. I really don't eat chocolate, but my wife does, and she is giving everything she has eaten so far rave reviews. I actually got chocolate from someone else, and she had both back to back, and she said there was no comparison--yours won hands down!

Husband of Amanda M.
Raleigh, NC

YUM-YUM-YUM! The dark rocky road is absolutely the best I have ever tasted. Your dark chocolate is divine, even better than Teuscher’s. Teuscher’s was my favorite for years. Now I love Lula’s much more. Thank you for such a heavenly chocolate.

San Francisco, CA

I just wanted to take the time to give you guys a compliment! I received a small box of Lula's chocolates from one of our company's vendors, and I must say ... it is one of the best chocolates I've ever had. From the packaging to the info inserts to the actual chocolate, it's wonderful! And even better, you're local from Monterey. I will definitely be giving (and enjoying) Lula's … from here on!

Thanks for a great treat!

Donna Murphy, Rapid Printers of Monterey
Monterey, CA

There is nothing in the world like a cholula truffle. My wife bought me a box of Lula's truffles for Valentine's Day and I took as long as possible with each truffle. Each of them were wonderful, but the cholula truffle is in a class all it's own.

Colorado Springs, CO

My husband knows I love good quality dark chocolates so he hand picked a box of yours for me for Christmas.

I had tasted your chocolates once before but only a single sample. To have my own box was and still is wonderful. First, they are beautiful to look at and oh so divinely delicious. But I must say the salt on top of the caramel, brilliant.

Thank you so much!


Our staff at Casa Colina Surgery Center was given a wonderful gift of 'thanks' in the form of a generous box of your assorted chocolates. We couldn't believe how unique not only the presentation was but the richness and quality of each piece of chocolate! I took one of the brochures that was enclosed to follow up and see where I could also purchase these heavenly treats? Thank you!


“My company gave Lula’s Chocolates as corporate gifts this year. Upon my follow-up call to ensure the gift was received one customer exclaimed, “I thought they were normal chocolates so I gave them to my kids. Then, I tasted them and took them back. Those chocolates were too good for a kid to enjoy”

John Piatt, Biddle Consulting Group, Inc.

“Thank you so much for the fabulous Chocolates! Actually I brought them home to share with the boys until I tasted one and decided they needed to stay in my room…..”

Cindy Reeves-Durden
Atlanta, GA

Thanks for making it easy for the Rotary Club to buy some great product. I don't consume much chocolate and in fact it's been about three years since I've had any. I bought some of your product for my wife and Grandma bought some [other chocolate] for the kids. I tried a light and dark caramel from my wife's stash and was impressed. I then tried a light caramel from [other chocolate] and nearly spit it out. What a contrast!

Come to think of it, you guys might cost me a lot of money down the road!

Mike Djubasak, Rapid Printers of Monterey
Monterey, CA

Hope all goes well in the sweets biz. You've got great stuff -- that's for sure! I'm going to give some of the packets of caramels as small gifts to family. We used to make caramel just like yours -- so incredibly tasty. We'll be ordering more stuff for the holidays so we'll talk more.

Placentia, CA

Thanks so much for your outstanding customer service and attention to detail. I do executive education for a living and teach senior executives how to run an organization that is efficient and effective, exceeds customers' expectations, and results in BRAGGINGLY HAPPY CUSTOMERS! You (personally) exemplify all these things. And as a braggingly happy customer, I will not only return, but will send my friends and family. Lula's is the NORDSTROMS of the chocolate set (because of the quality of your product and especially because of the quality of your customer service).

I will start purchasing your chocolates for our learning event gift bags for the future. We have clients attend these events from all over the world, and they do lots of on-line purchasing, so, hopefully, they will return after the small sample we provide them.

Monterey, CA

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